What is TelOne Talk+?

TelOne Talk+ is a world-class Unified Communications (UC) system that transcends all the local telephone networks to create a truly unified experience by enabling world-class mobility that unifies voice, email, instant messaging, and public switched telephone network (PSTN) calling on the local Zimbabwean network. TelOne Talk+ allows you to be reachable on your local number as you travel around the world without the need for expensive roaming charges as long as you have access to a broadband connection.

TelOne Talk+ is built on a solid Microsoft platform that is the basis and foundation of the worldwide known Skype. In fact TelOne Talk+ is not an isolated social media platform, it is highly federated with worldwide Skype; meaning you can search for and find your Skype contacts, chat, video conference or call them directly on their Skype handles all without leaving TelOne Talk+. Inversely people on Skype can also find anyone on TelOne Talk+ via their handle such as username@talkplus.co.zw. Of course TelOne Talk+ is more than just the consumer Skype, it allows you to do more and fits more into your Zimbabwean lifestyle by giving you a local virtual number that can reach you worldwide. You can also call any number including local Zimbabweans networks such as Econet, Telecel, NetOne, TelOne, whilst saving over 40%.