Why do you say TelOne Talk+ is a Lifestyle?

This is because of the unique platform capabilities that fit into your unique lifestyle as a Zimbabwean, wherever you may be. For instance you are able to:

  • transfer a TelOne Talk+ video conference call to your Econet or NetOne cell phone so you can be on the run while continuing the conversation
  • participate in your business Conference call by Dial-in in from the local PSTN network straight into the conference where others are on HD video
  • Allow Mbuya or Sekuru from the village to call your local number to reach you while overseas without calling international rates
  • call Econet, Telecel, NetOne, TelOne numbers while saving over 40%
  • make "nyaradzo" arrangements via HD video conference with all relatives in the US, UK, Canada, but be able to add Tete to the conference who happens to be offline and only reachable on their Econet,Telecel,TelOne or NetOne numbers